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Probiotics for Aquaculture

"World Most Efficient Probiotics" improved water quality beneficial to health and growth of shrimp, fish and crustacea. Keeton probiotics creates a natural microorganisms, beneficial Bio-Floc, while reducing ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. Control vibrio in ponds and reduce pond bottom sludge and waste. Easy to apply to the pond, biosecure, save labour cost and energy.

Aeration Systems & Equipment

Maintain healthier ponds, increase stocking densities, and generate higher yield with optimal oxygen transfer. Aire-O2® Series II Aspirator Aerator increased mixing and dispersion through fine bubble aeration, our Aire-O2® Series II Aspirator Aerator can help you maintain optimal oxygen transfer levels while maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the entire system to meet higher production goals.

Pond & Lakes Management


The patented Solaer(TM) Aeration Systems feature backup battery for critical night time run. In fact, there is enough battery capacity to run the system up to three (3) days without any solar input.

Beneficial Microbes

Beneficial microbe products for improved water quality in your pond and lake especially effective in reducing excessive nutrients and foul odors.

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