Improve your pond and lake water quality


We know that lake and pond environments are highly dynamic ecosystems that rely on natural processes to maintain natural order. And while under normal environmental conditions, proper water quality is achieved through the activity of naturally occurring microorganisms and beneficial bacteria, our industrialized world poses more challenges to water quality management.

Today, most aquatic ecosystems are bombarded with excess nutrients from multiple sources, including urban and rural runoff, fertilizers, and waterfowl. Unfortunately, the naturally occurring bacteria cannot keep up with this influx of nutrients. This leads to a shift in the natural balance in ponds and lakes and encourages the build-up of bottom muck, odor, and poor water quality.


ProLake provides cutting-edge solutions for aeration system applications. Where there's water retention pond or lake, there's often a need for aeration and water treatments. At ProLake, we've developed treatments that help prevent water stagnation that can become harmful to the workers around the water body, as well as any wildlife that may inhabit the area.

Keeton’s proprietary ProLake series aeration is the solution to this common problem. More Oxygen & Less Odor. Our ProLake series is designed to move massive amounts of oxygen throughout the water column to keep each layer of the containment moving and oxidized.